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1. Copyright Notice



Aristocrat places a high value on its IP. We work hard to ensure that our IP rights are protected and enforced globally. We have a large portfolio of IP such as copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, designs and technical know-how and we regularly apply for patents in various regions to protect our inventions.

Limited right of reproduction of text

Other than as expressly permitted below, you must not use or reproduce any features of the design and/or layout of this site, any logo, graphic, sound or image on this site, or any software or other proprietary material forming part of this site or its operation in any manner whatsoever, without first obtaining the written consent of Aristocrat.

You may reproduce text (not logos, graphics, sounds, or software) on this site:

• For your personal and non-commercial use; and
• If you acknowledge the source of the text and Aristocrat's ownership (or the ownership of the stated owner) of copyright for the text; and
• If you do not modify the text in any way; and
• In compliance with any applicable laws; and
• Any printout or copy of any material on this site must include these rules and the copyright notice that appears on the bottom of our website
or web page.

2. Trade mark Notice

This site includes registered and unregistered trademarks of Aristocrat including without limitation the following trademarks:



You must not use any trademarks of Aristocrat on any other site (including as part of a Meta tag) or in the course of any commercial activity, except as permitted by prior written agreement with Aristocrat and in accordance with Aristocrat’s branding guidelines.

3. Patent Notice

Aristocrat products are protected by patents. For a full list of Aristocrat patents please check with your local Patent Office.

4. IP Licences

For information and/or to seek permission to use Aristocrat's name or artwork please contact the Aristocrat Global IP Counsel. Any unauthorised use of Aristocrat IP is an infringement of our rights and unauthorised users may be prosecuted.

5. Piracy

If you are aware of or suspect that a third party is infringing Aristocrat’s intellectual property rights,
please contact the Aristocrat Global IP Counsel.

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