When we say we’re bringing the game forward, that’s meant literally as well as figuratively. Helix is innovative, yes, but also striking for its difference—the screens float away from the cabinet surface, creating a dimensional experience of new planes and proportions. Players are treated to a continuous canvas of reels and bonuses. The displays are frameless, infinity-edged, so the visuals pop in ways never encountered before.


And what visuals they are. Many of Aristocrat’s most popular titles will slide effortlessly into the Helix cabinet. Existing games will have a fresh new look, while we have a canvas for those of the next generation and beyond.


Helix hardware at a glance


• Infinity-edged frameless displays


• Dual 23” 16:9 LED backlit full HD displays


• 32” Super Screen top monitor option


• Integrated selectable edge and pinstripe lighting for captivating visuals


• Immersive rear surface ambient lighting


• Stylish champagne finish


• Quad sound package with ported enclosed subwoofer