Immersion. That is the goal of the Arc Double™. Dramatic and expansive, it is a veritable playground of vision and sound. As the eye-capturing palette for the launch of exciting new titles, expect to see a new brand of player on your floor.



Arc Double™ at a Glance


  • Dual 42” curved high-definition LCD touch screens encompass the player for a holistically unified experience


  • Industry-leading ergonomic design delivers player comfort to optimize play time


  • Upgraded graphics capabilities engages, impresses and drives the chase


  • 5.1 stereo surround sound is optimally mixed to draw the player into the game world


  • Sleek and sinuous, it creates a substantial floor presence and becomes a player destination


  • It is the anti-box, breaking any floor monotony with its graceful lines


Buffalo Grand

Game of Thrones

Britney Spears

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